Thursday, August 5, 2010


Okay, so Milky Honeys Breedvolution 7 is also not selling very well.
Don't know why ....

But, don't worry ....
We never give up to present you the best from us.
So, we will tell you a bit of our upcoming product

Some of the title is EVIL PARASITE CRISIS

Haha, have you guessed what anime or game parody will it be ?
Yes, the new product will be a parody of Resident Evils , Parasite Eves & Dino Crisises.
Why all have s behind it ?
Because we will present all the girls from all the series of that 3 .

So, there will be Jill Valentin♥ , Ashley Grah♥m, Rebecca Chamb♥rs , to Aya Bre♥ , even Regin♥ will be on this product !

Also, we have to tell you that this product will be focused on pregnancy , yes , they all have been impregnated by their enemies.
So, maybe you will dislike it if you're not preggo fan :P
But our arts have been improved (hopefully) , so you will not be dissapointed

Stay tuned ..... _ ☺

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